Moved by the migration crisis and reminded of our own history, we answered the call in 2016 to help refugee children build a new home in a new country: PxP Embassy e. V. was founded. By promoting digital skills, creativity and critical thinking, we want to give children in precarious situations, in Germany and worldwide, access to a more peaceful and self-determined future. Step by step – or as we say: “Peace by Peace”.


In times of ecological, political and social instability, we ask ourselves: How can we help even the most vulnerable among our children to shape a better future?

It is our responsibility to equip the next generation to participate in society in the 21st century – and that needs new skills: FUTURE SKILLS.

Our approach

“Connect – Amplify – Mediate” is the PxP action formula. We apply this dynamic approach to activities in two key areas: the PxP FESTIVAL, the community project that started it all, and the PxP EMBASSY, our inclusive education arm.


The annual PxP Festival is the cornerstone of our work. Our high-profile music festival is a celebration of inclusion and togetherness that raises awareness of our mission and funds for our ongoing programmes with children. It has grown to become Europe’s largest benefit festival for children.




Throughout the year, we organise Learning Labs for children in Berlin and beyond. These educational programmes are run in collaboration with organisations that are leaders in the field of future literacy. In small, peer-led groups, children learn digital skills, creative and critical thinking – all with the aim of creating a world where they can flourish to the fullest.

We are currently expanding our reach with the PxP Academy, a free digital learning platform that gives all children access to the skills of tomorrow. True to the motto: “LEARNING IS KEY! LEARNING IS FREE!”

As the challenges we face are global in nature, we continue to support selected organisations that help children on the ground, in the global south and in transit countries. BE A PEACE OF IT!





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