Teddy aims high and dreams big. Since he left behind a corporate career in 2008 to build a fashion retail business in Berlin together with a friend, Teddy has been figuring out how to transform passion and vision into a sustainable business. In the midst of the refugee crisis in 2013, a group of friends gathered in Teddy’s office to brainstorm what to do. He could not sit idly by. Like Fetsum, Teddy was born to parents fighting for freedom in Eritrea and came to Germany as a child refugee. He credits his ability to feel at home in part to the locals who gave him access to his new society. During that brainstorming session, when the PxP Festival was conceived, Teddy knew that whatever he and Fetsum went on to do together, it would be big. After the success of the first PxP Festival in 2016, it was clear they couldn’t stop there. Using his background in finance and economics, as well as his talent for listening and problem-solving, Teddy fine-tunes the creative mechanics of PxP’s operations in-house and in the field, ensuring that PxP can make as positive an impact on the lives of children as possible, and in doing so plant the seeds of peace. His favorite song? Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.”